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What can I do to assist in resolving support questions quicker?

Any problems with MAX400 should be reported to support@max400.net.  First please ensure that MAX400 is working/operating by submitting the following command:


This should show two jobs operating:

Job   ---Status---


If these jobs are operating and perhaps you think MAX400 is not working effectively, t
o assist in diagnostics of problems and early resolution, you should also do the following to obtain the respective joblogs: Use:  WRKJOB M400A1 and  WRKJOB M400A2 commands to display the details of the appropriate jobs. 

If multiple jobs display for WRKJOB command , select the appropriate job ("1") and then take option 10 to display the joblog.  Please obtain a copy of the screen text to send to support@max400.net

Please send us support@max400.net the respective joblogs with the version of MAX400 (see below)

To display version of Max400, perform the following:

First 6 characters has version of Max400

  • the latest version of M400A has V04R06

  • the latest version of M400C has V06R01

Errors with Licensing

If you are trying to apply the license code and it does not work:  It will give the error indicating machine details, serial number, model code , processor feature code. Please send us these details in an email. If the jobs fail after a few hours of run-time, that is to say, if the jobs do not fail immediately, then try resubmitting these jobs again. This problem occurs infrequently.

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